our team


  • Professionals with deep knowledge on the Brazilian Customs Legislation analyse and prepare the documents to submit to the authorities through our own team of Customs brokers.
  • Bilingual coordinators follow up all process steps and are able to offer full support to the clients.
  • The operation on site is another big Fulstandig differential, with a trained team, qualify and equipped with modern tools and constant recycling for an assured performance.
  • For the Customs clearance of medical and dental equipment, products and military vehicles, food and beverage, Fulstandig is accredited at Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (ANVISA) and at the Army and Agriculture Ministry.
mariane ewbank


Acting for more than 20 years in the event area, starting with trade show and congress organization, support to participants as exhibitors in institutional events, in Brazil and abroad. Fluent in English, French and Danish. The name Fulstandig was suggestion of Mariane Ewbank as she lived in Demark. Off course only who is familiar with Danish could think in a name with so many consonants, but strong and different.
She’s Trade Shows and event organizer.


E-mail: mewbank@fulstandig.com.br
Mob: 55 11 99942-1354

claudio machado


“Carioca”  passionate for his Rio de Janeiro but rooted in Sao Paulo for 17 years, Claudio Machado is always up front big projects such as Rock in Rio, Formula 1, São Paulo Auto Show and Americas Telecom. After 29 years of experience in other companies, he decided to add his know-how to other partners and establish Fulstandig where today is the Trade show and shows. Besides his “carioquês”, Claudio is English and Spanish fluent


E-mail: csmac@fulstandig.com.br
Mob: 55 11 99980-5575

our history

Our name could appear to be difficult: Fulstandig, translation  of the Danish word fuldstaendig that means “complete”, but it carries our work philosophy , because we really look for complete and global solutions for our clients. This way, it get’s easy to shorten distances.
Fulstandig  proposal is to offer the necessary tools to the event success, equally for a complete logistic international of trade shows, congress, exhibitions, shows, special and sports events support than  import and export Customs procedures.

our role

Offer Customs Clearance for export or import events, proper cargo equipment to load and unload with skilled crew, in addition warehousing for the intervals when the cargo must be stored in security. 
Whether by air, sea or inland, Fulstandig also moves you equipment with agility.
With and worldwide network of partners, our clients will always have the best service. See how specialized in shorten distances we are?